Legends and Myths: Jesse James and the Younger Gang’s Notorious Robberies. The Tragic Life of Jesse. Movies, books, songs, and rivers of newspaper ink tell the story of these men. Their legend will never die. Without having to spend countless hours reading a book, this 37 min video featuring a family member will tell the story. Jesse James’ 1882 murder by gang member Bob Ford was reported around the country. There were lying-in-state events in St. Joseph and Kearney, Missouri. Thousands of people, including family, friends and enemies, viewed his body. No one questioned that it was Jesse, but people didn’t believe their hero could be killed so easily. For years a few old men claimed that they were the “real” Jesse. Even today there are many families who claim their ancestor was the “real” Jesse James and most are incorrect. Donna Harrell, WWHA Board Member and descendent of the Younger family, tells the story of the notorious James – Younger gang and the Tragic Life Of Notorious Outlaw Jesse James.