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In memoriam - Bob DeArment
WWHA has lost another great friend, historian/author Bob DeArment, who died this past Saturday in Sylvania, Ohio, his longtime home. Just a few weeks ago Bob sent a tribute of Leon Metz to be published in the March WWHA Journal. Now, I am asking for tributes and memories of Bob to be included in the same issue, with both men's pictures to appear on the front cover. Last week you were notified that we are extending the deadline for the Leon Metz tributes and now we will extend the deadline further to include tributes to Bob. Please send any tributes/memories and related photos to Roy Young, Journal editor, at:, no later than February 5th; photos should be sent as e-mail attachments and not within the text. Everyone is invited to participate; the editor reserves the right to edit any submissions to fit the available print space. Below is Bob's obituary:

Robert Kendall "Bob" DeArment

Robert Kendall "Bob" DeArment, longtime resident of Sylvania, Ohio, passed away after a short illness and a life fully lived on January 16, 2021. Born on August 29, 1925 in Johnstown, Pennsylvania to Madeleine Young Mullen, later Madeleine DeArment and Andrew Joseph Mullen, he reached the age of 95 before succumbing to an illness. He was beloved by many as an intelligent, humorous, patriotic man of integrity who cared deeply for others.

The list of Bob DeArment's accomplishments and contributions to the world during his near century of living is lengthy. After a successful career with Champion Spark Plug Co. in Toledo where he retired as the Director of Distribution, he embarked on a second career as a historian and author. An acclaimed expert in the history of the lawmen and outlaws of the Old West, Robert DeArment published over twenty books and numerous magazine articles. He was considered a dean by his colleagues and fellow historians, many of whom became his very close friends over the years. His last two years were devoted to his final project, a three-volume study revealing the untold story of horse thievery and its importance to the history of the United States.

Robert DeArment impacted many lives in many ways, from his combat service in the 63rd Infantry Division in World War II to his encouragement of aspiring authors. His years of research added tremendously to our pool of knowledge and understanding of Old West history, and the two volumes of his personal memoirs passed down to his family precious gems about life in the United States from the 1920's to the 2000's. An exceptional story-teller with a phenomenally sharp memory to the end, he generously shared his war experiences with younger generations and contributed them to the Smithsonian archives.

The lives most impacted by his, of course, belong to the love of his life, his surviving spouse of 70 years, Rose Marie DeArment, his family and many friends. Memories of his long and productive life comfort his 4 surviving children, Rosemary Walter (Marvin and grandson Corbin) of Anacortes Island, Washington, Paul DeArment of Colorado Springs, Colorado, Joan DeArment Hall (Skip) of Flint, Texas, and Diana Theiss (Richard and son Patrick) of Sylvania, Ohio; as well as his 7 grandchildren, Sara Johnson, Melanie Ash, Amanda McDonald, Hunter Hall, Robert Andrew Hall, Robert Lee DeArment and Sophia DeArment Kotok. He lived long enough to welcome a third generation of descendants, 7 great-grandchildren, Luke, Nora, Cole and Hayley Johnson, Aisla McDonald and Cameron and Mason Hall.

Bob DeArment always felt fortunate; lucky to have survived his combat service, to have married into the large, wonderful Nowakowski family and to have produced a healthy, loving family of his own. He felt lucky in the longevity which enabled him to form so many good friendships over the years, travel extensively and have the time to achieve so much through rewarding work. As a realist who chose positivity and optimism, he would attribute the blessings of his life to "the luck of the DeArments." Online condolences to

Welcome to Our New Web Site
Our new site has been redesigned in its entirety with emphasis on simplicity, ease of navigation and mobile friendliness. Be sure to let us know how you like it!

2021 WWHA Roundup Rescheduled
Plans are developing for the rescheduled 2021 Roundup in Fort Smith, AK. The dates are July 14-17, 2021. Details will be posted on this site as they become available.

2021 WWHA Awards Program
We are pleased to announce the 2021 WWHA Awards Program. These awards are intended to recognize and honor those who have contributed the most to research, writing and service to the history of the Wild West. Nominations are open now. View the nomination guidelines here.

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  • Who Killed Morgan Earp? "The Atrocious Assassins" - Roy B. Young

  • "Relatively Speaking" - Dr. Jeff Broome

  • "Historian Interview" - Linda Wommack

  • Ben Sippy: Tombstone City Marshal, Career Criminal - Part Two - Peter Brand

  • Hickok's 1865 Fatal Shot Replicated - Dr. James Bailey, Kurt House

  • And much more in this and in every issue!

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