Ash Upson is an unsung hero of the American West. He’s not the sort of hero who carried a gun or committed the same daring deeds of Pat Garrett or Billy the Kid. As far as we know, he didn’t even fire a shot during the entirety of the Lincoln County War. But Ash is a hero, nonetheless, whose weapon was the pen, his heroic deed being the preservation of our history during a time when people took it for granted. While it’s true that Ash Upson has gone down in infamy to a degree for concocting fictitious tales in An Authentic Life of Billy the Kid, which he ghostwrote for Pat Garrett, he preserved a great deal of history via newspaper articles and letters to his family back east. Through these Ash left behind a wealth of information for modern day historians. Though Upson may have only been a supporting character in the drama of the American West, he is no less as mythic as his counterparts, Pat Garrett, John Chisum, and Billy the Kid.