King Fisher Grave. Wild West Gunfighter. King Fisher, Gunfighter: The Short Life and Elusive Legend.
His full name was John King Fisher, but he was almost always referred to simply as King Fisher. For some historians he is considered a gunfighter in the same class as Wes Hardin, Ben Thompson and Bill Longley. That is true, but he was much more! He did kill several men, he stole some cattle and some horses, but he also was a favorite individual to fellow ranchers who struggled to live on the dangerous Texas-Mexican border. As he grew more mature, he realized his reckless actions were dangerous to himself and he made the choice to change his ways, ultimately becoming a deputy sheriff of Uvalde County, then acting sheriff. Once all charges against him were dropped he devoted his energy to enforcing the law and to his wife and daughters. A single choice on March 11, 1884, to remain loyal to his friend Ben Thompson, once a peace officer, cost both men their lives in a bloody ambush in the notorious Vaudeville Theatre in San Antonio. Read the book on King Fisher, which is the latest from Chuck Parsons and co-author Thomas C. Bicknell and published by the University of North Texas Press.