Charlie Bowdre Lincoln County Regulator, Cowboy and Gunfighter. Comrades include Billy the Kid, Tom Folliard, Doc Scurlock and others. “Identifying Manuela, the Lady in the Blood-Stained Image “ Over the years, many American West enthusiasts and historians have had cause to question the supposed identity of the young Mexican woman that appeared alongside cowboy, rancher, gunfighter, and Lincoln County “Regulator” Charlie Bowdre in the now widely circulated c1880 blood-stained ferrotype taken from Bowdre’s pocket after he was killed by Sheriff Pat Garrett and posse at Stinking Springs, NM, in 1880. Based on available evidence, Manuela Herrera was not the wife of Charlie Bowdre or the young Mexican woman that appeared standing next to him in the c1880 blood-stained ferrotype. All evidence points to Manuela Gonzales. Ralph Kennedy, Robert Buckley, Edward “Eddie” J. Lanham View video for more information. Please Like, Comment and Subscribe.