The Dalton Gang’s Last Ride. Sheriff, former Texas Ranger and Comanche Indian Fighter, John L. Jones Come ride with us to the site. It all ended here. Former Texas Ranger and Comanche Indian fighter, sheriff John L. Jones, along with is men, killed and captured the last of the Dalton Gang in Menard Co. Texas. The Dalton Gang finally ran out of luck. This was AFTER the Longview Texas bank robbery. Prior the the Dalton Gang affair, Comanche Indians had made a raid on the Saline Creek settlement running off most of the horses in that valley. According to peace officer Dee Harkey, in his book “Mean as Hell”, a party consisting of John L. Jones, Jim Ike Jones, Pete Weaver, Sam Weaver, Doug Brown, Henry Pearl, and Joe Harkey
took to the trail of the Indians and horses. They caught up with them on the head of Little Devils River near the Kerr County line and in the ensuing fight killed the eight Indians and recovered all the horses without the loss of a man. Ride with us as we tell a brief history of John L. Jones and visit the site where the capture took place. Mike Bell was not
mentioned in the video credits. My error. Thanks Mike!