Jim Dunham, President of WWHA talks about the events that brought about Kevin Jarre to write the script for the 1993 motion picture “Tombstone.” With input from historians and with an understanding of what the clothing, buildings, and 1880 American West looked like, the finished script was expected to have the most authentic visual look of any Western ever made. Cast with excellent actors and produced by Disney and Cinergy Pictures with a budget of more than 25 million dollars it looked like a winner. This was to be Kevin’s first picture to direct, having written several movies, including the Academy Award winning “Glory.” Problems began early in the location filming in Arizona and resulted in replacing Jarre with a different director. The released film now reflects two different ways to understand the Earp/ Clanton story. Sam Elliott said it best. “We made a good movie, we just didn’t make the movie we set out to make.”