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Wild West History Association
Dedicated to the history and lore of the American West
Our Focus & Goals

The Wild West History Association is dedicated to providing publications and forums for the enlightenment and enjoyment of its members, facilitating and encouraging research, study, writing, presentation, and preservation of the history and lore of the people, events, and places that made the American West "wild" in the last half of the nineteenth century.... the lawmen, outlaws, gunfighters, rustlers, vigilantes, feuds, shady ladies, saloons, cowtowns, and mining camps.... along with recognizing and honoring those individuals and institutions that make significant contributions to the knowledge and preservation of Wild West history and lore.

  • 2015 Roundup News, Updates & Registration

    The 2015 WWHA Roundup takes place Wednesday, July 15, through Saturday, July 18, in Amarillo, Texas.  Visit our Roundup News, Updates & Registration page for details, posted as they arrive!

  • Author!  Author!

    We want to make you the next published author in the WWHA JOURNAL.  No pedigree?  No problem!  What counts is your story and how well you write it.  See our Membership page for requirements on how to Submit Your Articles and send us your writings!

  • 20,000 Pages of OK History Found

    The Oklahoma Historical Society has received 20,000 pages of recently discovered Oklahoma newspapers from the Kansas Historical Society, where the papers were found.  WWHA member Mike Tower reports on this significant addition to Wild West history here.

  • Our Latest Book Review

    Tom Chaffin's Pathfinder: John Charles Fremont and the Course of American Empire is reviewed by Steven Wright.  Read it here or visit our Book Reviews page for many other enjoyable publications.

  • WWHA Journal Back Issues

    Misplace a copy of your Journal?  Want extra copies for friends?  Need a Journal from before you joined the WWHA?  We have several back issues available!  See our Back Issues page for details.

  • FOX Legends & Lies

    Legends & Lies, the new Sunday night series on the Fox News Channel, features many of our members as noted guests in the various episodes of old west history. Check your local listings.

Journal Articles for All!

The Wild West History Association Journal Page

We are proud to announce the addition of select WWHA Journal articles to our web site.  New members can read works that appeared prior to joining, whereas non-members will find ample incentive to become part of the WWHA.  Jump over to our Journal & Resource section now.


The June WWHA Journal

Bi-monthy editions of the Journal are included with membership.


Join our organization and enjoy the many benefits of Wild West research.

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All the news that's fit to print -- and then some! -- on our dedicated 2015 Roundup News, Updates & Registration page.  It's where you'll find all the whos, whats, wheres, whys, hows and the latest schedule of July's gathering in Amarillo, Texas, along with convenient online registration forms.  The page grows as more news becomes available.  Be sure to visit often for the latest details.

We'll see you in Amarillo!


The Wild West History Association together with the Ben Thompson Preservation Foundation are pleased to announce the BEN THOMPSON PRESERVATION FOUNDATION AWARD.  A $100 prize will be awarded at the 2015 WWHA Roundup to the author whose biographical article we deem outstanding in meeting the following criteria:


1. The subject of the article must be a gambler, gunfighter or lawman from Ben’s lifetime, 1843-1884.

2. A connection to Ben Thompson will receive top preference.

3. The author must be a member in good standing of the WildWest History Association.

4. The submitted material must be unpublished and contain new information.

5. The WWHA will choose the recipient of the award with approval from the Ben Thompson Preservation Foundation.


More information will follow.  Return to this page often for further details.

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