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    We want to make you the next published author in the WWHA JOURNAL.  No pedigree?  No problem!  What counts is your story and how well you write it.  See our Membership page for requirements on how to Submit Your Articles and send us your writings!

  • Let's Get SMALL:  WWHA Mini-Roundups!

    WWHA Mini-Roundups are big, BIG events!  If you missed the regional gatherings in Idaho and Georgia in January, don't despair.  More mini-Roundups are on the way for 2018!

  • Free WWHA Journal Article:  The Wild Bunch...

    From the September 2017 JournalThe Wild Bunch on the High Seas by Mark Mszanski.  "Includes  ground-breaking research."  On our Journal & Resource page.

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    When you're longing to learn, nothing beats our new Books & Reviews page.  Discover the best in biographies, events, places and everything else the West has to offer, many written by and each reviewed by fellow WWHA members!

  • Book Review:  Graham Barnett: A Dangerous Man

    Some said he was an outlaw.  Some said he was a lawman.  But they all agreed that Graham Barnett was a Dangerous Man.  Read Steven J. Wright's review of this fascinating biography of a gunslinging "problem solver" on our Book Reviews page.

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    Misplace a copy of your Journal?  Want extra copies for friends?  Need a Journal from before you joined the WWHA?  We have several back issues available!  See our Back Issues page for details.

Our Focus & Goals

The Wild West History Association is dedicated to providing publications and forums for the enlightenment and enjoyment of its members, facilitating and encouraging research, study, writing, presentation, and preservation of the history and lore of the people, events, and places that made the American West "wild" in the last half of the nineteenth century.... the lawmen, outlaws, gunfighters, rustlers, vigilantes, feuds, shady ladies, saloons, cowtowns, and mining camps.... along with recognizing and honoring those individuals and institutions that make significant contributions to the knowledge and preservation of Wild West history and lore.

111 Call For Nominations 111

AWARDS NOMINATIONS REQUESTED:  DEADLINE – March 31, 2018.  We are pleased to announce the 2018 WWHA Awards Program.  These awards are intended to recognize and honor those who have contributed the most to research, writing and service to the history of the Wild West.  Download details and mailing instructions today.  Remember, nominations are due by March 31, 2018.  Winners will be announced and awards presented at the WWHA Roundup in July.  Come and celebrate with us!

Wild Bill Hickok threatens the friend of Davis Tutt after defeating Tutt in a duel, July 21, 1865 in Springfield. Harper's New Monthly Magazine, February 1867
Wild West History Association 11th Annual Roundup Springfield, Missouri July 18-21, 2018 Host Hotel: Oasis Hotel and Convention Center 2546 North Glenstone Ave. (417) 866-5253; (888) 532-4338
J. B. Hickok, James-Younger Gang, Earp Brothers, Belle Starr, Davis Tutt, Blount Brothers, Laura Ingalls Wilder, Border Wars, Allen Parmer, Quantrill Field Trips, Panel Discussions, Cowboy Poetry & Storytelling, and More!
  • A 21st Century Forensic Review of the John Wesley Hardin Killing
  • Ten Things You Might Not Know About John Wesley Hardin
  • Western Stagecoach Robberies: A Statistical Analysis
  • Bill Tilghman: The Myths and the Facts
  • Why the Colt Model P?
  • The Tipton Train Robbery, Huge Haul or Bust?

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