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Guidelines for Contributors


The Wild West History Association (WWHA) is dedicated to facilitating and encouraging research, study, writing, presentation, and preservation of the history of the Wild West, providing publications and forums for the enlightenment and enjoyment of its members, and to recognizing and honoring those individuals and institutions which make significant contributions to the knowledge and preservation of its history and lore.


To achieve and further these aims, WWHA actively supports and seeks to publish research into all aspects of the history of the people, events, and places that made the American West "wild" in the last half of the nineteenth century: the lawmen, outlaws, gunfighters, rustlers, vigilantes, feuds, shady ladies, saloons, cowtowns, and mining camps.


WWHA has two publications, the Journal, published four times a year, plus a newsletter called the Saddlebag.  Articles on all aspects of the history of the Wild West are welcome.  All submissions should be sent to Roy B. Young, editor of the Journal.  They will then be reviewed and vetted by a WWHA member with expertise in the aspect of the Wild West covered in the article.



Roy B. Young

P. O. Box 759

Apache, OK. 73006



Editorial Board, WWHA:

John Boessenecker

Dan Buck

Robert DeArment

Kurt House

Gary Roberts

Michael Wallis

Roy B. Young


Letters of inquiry are welcome; advice and assistance always available. If you are writing or have completed an article on any aspect of western history and wish to submit it to WWHA for consideration, please read the guidelines which follow.



Getting It Right


Have you done some original research on frontier history that begs for a wider audience?  Have you discovered facts, photographs, fresh insights into the lives and times of such famous figures as Wyatt Earp, Billy the Kid, Butch and Sundance or Wild Bill, or alternatively, unpublished details about some little-known but significant event in the colorful pageant of the American West? If so, the Wild West History Association wants to publish your findings.


Before you start writing, however, there are a few things you need to know.


First and foremost, you must write clearly. Tell your story simply and without adornment. Keep your sentences relatively short and to the point, avoid using words whose meaning you are unsure of, and, unless you are quoting someone’s actual words, avoid slang or profanity.


Critical or personal attacks of a hostile nature on another article or person will not be countenanced.  Submissions must always be based on documented fact.  Conjecture or supposition must be clearly stated as such.  Always remember, when considering what to write and how to write it, that you are addressing a sophisticated readership who may already know a great deal about the subject you are addressing. You will need to convince them of the originality and comprehensiveness of your research and the validity of your conclusions by citing your sources either in the body text or in the form of footnotes.


To ensure that your work is presented properly and readably, WWHA’s editorial board is and will be there to assist you, to help make your contribution as accurate, as literate and as accessible as possible. If you are contemplating writing an article or have a work in progress, but are uncertain of how to proceed or whether it would be suitable for publication, the editor will be happy to advise you or to refer your question to an appropriate member of the board. Our aim is and will be always to enhance and clarify your work; indeed, like no other publication of its kind, the WWHA JOURNAL guarantees you will always be given a final opportunity to review the edited piece before it goes to press.



For instructions on how to prepare and to submit your manuscript, please contact the editor.

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