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Buckingham Books - Specializing in books on the Old West.


K & B Books - Tucson, Arizona - We buy and sell rare and scarce out of print first edition books, pamphlets, documents, and ephemera related to the Old West.


La Frontera Publishing - Books about the old west.


Old West Books - Rare and out-of-print books on the American West.


Scarlet Mask - Buy WWHA books here! Scarlet Mask's promise to you - a fair and square deal in every interaction. Respect. Honesty. We're here to serve you, not the other way around. And the whole purpose of this enterprise is to have some fun (and maybe learn something, too). Be sure to check out the images and books for sale!


True West Magazine - A bold, at times controversial, voice of American Western history, blending Old West facts with New West lifestyle; preserving our heritage since 1953.


Wild West Magazine - Available through HistoryNet.com.

Billy the Kid


About Billy the Kid - This site has plenty of information on the legendary outlaw William H. Bonney, better known as Billy the Kid. No other historical figure from the Old West has stirred up more controversy and eluded historians and biographers than Billy the Kid. On this Web site you'll learn who Billy the Kid really was and how he became a legend in his own time.


New Maps of the Old West - Have you ever wondered where it was that Billy the Kid killed his first man?  Have you ever wondered where George's saloon actually was standing?  Have you ever wanted to see Billy's whole world laid out before your eyes?  This is the Old West you know and love, presented as you've never see it.


"The maps created by cartographer Billy Roberts are long overdue for anyone interested in the history of the Lincoln County War."

Drew Gomber - author, storyteller, Lincoln tour guide for over 20 years

"His maps are a must for anyone interested in Billy the Kid and the Lincoln County War, and will enable anyone to visit the scenes."

John Boessenecker - ​historian and author of  Texas Ranger:  The Epic Life of Frank Hamer, the Man Who Killed Bonnie and Clyde

"They are, without a doubt, the best historical maps available.  I highly recommend them!"

Roy B. Young - 1st Vice President, Wild West History Association

Butch Cassidy/Wild Bunch


Butch and Sundance Bibliography - Well researched information on Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. This Web page was created by Dan Buck and Anne Meadows.


Bandit Resurrections: Who Was the Real Sundance Kid? - William Henry Long, Hiram BeBee, William T. Phillips -- they each claimed to be the infamous Sundance, in spite of all contrary evidence.  "Brushy Bill" Roberts said he was Billy the Kid (after claiming to be Jesse James).  And speaking of Jesse, at least a half dozen men posed as the deceased bandit.  "Welcome to the kaleidoscopic universe of Wild West history, where outlaws return from the dead with vampiric regularity."  A fun read, indeed.

OK Corral


The Notorious Clanton Gang - Visit this interesting Web site developed by Terry "Ike" Clanton, relative of the Tombstone Clantons. This site includes many items of interest to fans of the Old West. Come on over and see what the Notorious Clanton Gang is up to!


Tombstone Historical Homepage - Check out a Web site by author Steve Gatto which is dedicated to the history of Tombstone!


Tombstone History Discussion Forum - Tombstone History Discussion Forum site.


Tombstone Times - Tombstone Arizona's monthly journal of History and Information.


Tombstone Vendetta

Other Personalities


The Famous Blonger Bros. - The site details the long and colorful careers of Sam and Lou Blonger, at one time famous across the West as gamblers, saloonkeepers, mining men and lawmen. Lou Blonger later gained infamy with the fall of his "Million Dollar Bunko Ring."


The Friends of the James Farm - Until 1978, the James farm was owned by the descendents of Frank and Jesse James. By then, the elements had just about claimed the farm. It was in ruins. Clay County purchased the home from Jesse's grandchildren and the restoration work was begun. By the next summer, visitors were once again going through the farm. Many visitors expressed an intersest in how they could help with the restoration of the farm. As a direct repsonse to these requests, an organization called "The Friends of the James Farm" was formed.


Soapy Smith - This is the home for the Friends of Jefferson Randolph (Soapy) Smith, II, and the Soapy Smith Collection. The infamous Soapy Smith was an American 19th century bunco man, par excellence. King of the frontier confidence men, organizer of gangsters and grifters, master crook, and overlord of the criminal underworld in Denver and Creede, Colorado.

General Interest


Bad Hombres - A site about outlaws, gunmen, lawmen and those that fit in between. Photos, bios, facts and stories about some of the old west's most notorious and famous characters. This information will be presented in the most factual way possible, although there are many discrepancies in most of the stories, none of us know what really happened, but I try to be as factual as a person can be. Enjoy!


Chronicle of the Old West - Our objective is to educate people about the Old West in an entertaining way. Our hope is that as you surf through our Web site you'll be inspired to learn more about a time that was very important to the development of America...a time of great contradictions. It was an age when men had high standards in dealing with each other. Yet, it was also a time when some of the harshest crudities to our fellow man took place. We look at the Old West, as it really was, warts and all.


Oklahombres Online - A great site for Oklahoma Outlaw-Lawman History.


OldWestNewWest.com - La Frontera Publishing's eZine About Today's West.


Old West Rogues Forum - Dedicated to the "Bad Boys and Girls" of the western era. Each weekday we post a Rogue Du Jour which is a quick snapshot of a different "Badun". We encourage discussion and posts from everyone who has interest in the West.


Texas Escapes - An Illustrated Texas Resource. Texas Escapes Online Magazine: Travel and History Columns: History, Humor, Topical and Opinion Over 1300 Texas Towns & Ghost Towns.


Yesterwest.com - The website for author and historian, Gary Ledoux.



Blank-Guns-Depot.com - A super selection of modern blank guns, western blank firing guns, Civil War guns and other popular replica blank guns and fake guns.


The Gunfighter Zone - Shooting timers, posters, art, videos, a gunfighter's emporium and discussions.


Kovels' Online Yellow Pages - The Internet antiques & collectibles reference site you can trust. It's full of: Articles, Prices and marks, A Directory of Sources, Fakes and expert analysis of the marketplace and Answers to collectors' questions.


Police Guide - Badges, collectors items, great stories, and more!



Former Texas Rangers - The Former Texas Rangers Association exists to preserve and perpetuate the true history and heritage of the Texas Rangers.


Preservation Directory - The online resource for historic preservation, building restoration and cultural resource management in the United States & Canada.


Reenactment Guild of America


Single Action Shooting Society


Tulsa Gun Club

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