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What is the Journal of the Wild West History Association?


One never knew what they would find when opening a newspaper published in a rip-roaring cow-town like Dodge City or a mining camp like the "Town Too Tough To Die" - Tombstone. There were stories of stage hold-ups, train robberies, assorted shootings and enough mayhem to keep a lawman and judge busy for months. There were stories of saloon openings, new mineral strikes, land disputes, and the comings and goings of the famous and the infamous - exciting reading to be sure!


The Journal of the Wild West History Association reads much the same way! It is a unique look into a time and place; and a state-of-mind that is truly part of the American landscape, and the fabric of American culture. With articles written by some of the best historians and researchers working in the field today, the WWHA Journal helps preserve, for present and future generations, the events and places that made the wild-west wild!


Each issue is 72-80 pages of exciting reading; well-researched articles that depict true stories of a colorful period. Each issue is sure to be read cover-to-cover by avid wild-west fans, and retained for future reference which means an advertiser's message will be seen again and again.


In addition to the great articles, each issue will feature a book review section, divided into four parts. "Reading The West" will feature reviews on the latest books of the genre, "Off The Press" will be a list of books just released or about to be released, "The Book That", a personal essay from a WWHA member about a book fondly recalled, and "Reviewed Elsewhere" a report on what other periodicals are saying about the literature of the West.


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The Journal of the Wild West History Association is sent quarterly to each WWHA member, some of the best authors, researchers and personalities involved with Wild West research and lore. Many are experienced actors, re-enactors, speakers, consultants and writers; all share the love of reading about the Wild West.


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