Wild West History Association Dedicated to the history and lore of the American West

The Wild West History Association, a non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation, is the result of the uniting of two great Wild West history organizations... NOLA and WOLA.  WWHA is everything each of them was... and more. Building on a solid foundation coupled with renewed enthusiasm, strong leadership, and unlimited opportunities, WWHA is a dynamic organization, shaped by its members.


A love of the history and lore of the Wild West is something people around the world share.  WWHA gives us the opportunity to learn, to share what we know, and to enjoy the fellowship of others with similar interests.  When WWHA members get together, there is no lull in the conversation!


We are fortunate to have as members many of the great historians and authors in this field of interest.  However, EVERYONE who is interested in the Wild West, as defined in our Focus and Goals, should be a member of WWHA.

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