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The Wild West History Association YouTube Channel was launched in June of 2014.

In our inaugural video, Arizona state historian and WWHA VP Marshall Trimble welcomes you the Wild West History Association and provides an overview of the WWHA Roundup in Golden, CO.



In Memoriam . . .


Jeffrey Burton

March 1, 1936 – June 7, 2014


Jeffrey Burton spent forty-years researching the Ketchum gang and produced The Deadliest Outlaws: The Ketchum Gang and the Wild Bunch, a tome cited as “the best work” on the subject, a “magnificent piece,” and a “monster read.”He died on June 7, 2014 on the Isle of Wight in England.  Born on March 1, 1936, Jeffrey was a farmer’s son, raised in the middle and north of England.  He attended Nottinghamshire’s Worksop College but, due to the failing economy of the family farm, he withdrew at the age of seventeen before graduating.  He served in the Royal Air Force for two years, worked in London at a variety of jobs, and became a self-employed accountant.  By taking evening courses he “caught up,” becoming an “external student” at the University of London, where he earned an honors B.A. in history.2


In 1964 he became interested in and involved in the English Westerners Society, soon becoming a notable and frequent contributor to the Society’s publications, The Brand Book and Tally Sheet. Over the years he served as associate editor of Tally Sheet, book reviewer, and the Society’s vice-president and vice-chairman. With writer and fellow Westerner, Colin Rickards, Jeff founded the Palomino Press. When Rickards went to Toronto and established “Caribbean Business News,” Jeff served as its London correspondent.


Jeff’s most recent work, “How Nice It Would Be to Rob a Train, The Oro Grande Conspiracy and its Melancholy Outcome” in MS form, was prepared for the English Westerners Society’s forthcoming 60th Jubilee Special Publication. Additionally, he had just completed the 60,000-word MS for his biography of Rube Burrow. The favorite of his published work, however, is Western Story, which focuses on the southwest’s lesser known incidents of violence, involving Jack “Kid” Smith and John “Dick” Maier, as well as noted southwest lawmen Virgil Earp, Fred Dodge, and Bob Paul among others. In John Boessenecker’s eyes the book represents “an extraordinarily detailed and exhaustively researched contribution to southwest history.”3


Jeff leaves his wife Shirley, a daughter Lindsey, and a grandson Leo. “Time is a shrunken and ever more rapidly shrinking commodity,” he wrote, and acknowledged that he hadn’t “written much” but had written “just about everything” he ever really wanted to write.4


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Note: Worksop is "Worksop," not Workshop and Rickards is "Rickards," not Richards.


Books by Jeffrey Burton


MS: A 60,000-word for a biography of Rube Burrow.

Black Jack Christian: Outlaw, Being a Fine and Exciting Account of the Life and Death of William Christian

Bureaucracy, Blood Money, and Black Jack’s Gang

The Deadliest Outlaws: The Ketchum Gang and the Wild Bunch Dynamite and Six Shooter,

Indian Territory and the United States, 1866-1906: Courts Government, and the Movement or Oklahoma Statehood

Portraits in Gunsmoke

Western Story


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OHS Receives 20,000 Lost Newspaper Pages


The Oklahoma Historical Society's John and Eleanor Kirkpatrick Research Center has received 20,000 pages of Oklahoma newspapers previously thought to have been lost to history. The unique donation of historic Oklahoma newspapers was a gift from the Kansas Historical Society after a recent inventory discovered the newspapers in its collections.


"These titles are all from before Oklahoma statehood and are a wonderful addition to the OHS newspaper archives," said Director of Research Chad Williams. New titles and issues include: Cherokee Sentinel (1894-95), Daily Optic (1889), Hennessey Courier (1890), West and South (1891) and the Yukon Weekly Courier (1891-92). Williams said, "The collection is in remarkable condition and will be digitized and added to the OHS online website 'The Gateway to Oklahoma History' where each page will be word searchable and freely available to researchers."


"The Gateway to Oklahoma History" is an online repository sponsored by the OHS and the Ethics and Excellence in Journalism Foundation. Visiting the site allows you to browse more than 800,000 Oklahoma newspaper pages dating from the 1840s-1920s. To search the Gateway, visit http://gateway.okhistory.org. For more information, contact the OHS Research Center at 405-522-5207 or newspaper@okhistory.org.


Mike Tower, Wild West History Association



By Carroll D. Moore


The sixth annual awards were presented by President Potter at the WWHA Roundup luncheon in Boise.  This was the second year of the new “Six-Shooter” name for the awards.


Six-Shooter Award for Best Book of the Year
This year’s winner was Rick Miller of Texas for his book titled Texas Ranger John B. Jones and the Frontier Battalion 1874-1881.  Rick graciously donated his $500 cash prize back to WWHA.  Regrettably, Rick was unable to be present for the presentation of his plaque.


Six-Shooter Award for Outstanding Article in a general western publication -

Jeff Broome of Colorado was named the winner in this category.  His article titled “Wild Bill’s Brawl with Two of Custer’s Troopers” was published in the December 2012 issue of Wild West magazine. Jeff received a $250 cash award and a plaque.


Six-Shooter Award for Outstanding Article in a historical/scholarly publication

John Boessenecker of California was the winner of the best article in this category.  His article titled “Peter Gabriel-Gunfighting Lawman of the Southwestern Frontier” was published in the Spring 2012 issue of Journal of Arizona History.  John was awarded $250 and a plaque.


Six-Shooter Award for Outstanding WWHA Journal Article -
Ann E. Collier from California was the winner in this category.  Her article titled “Big Nose Kate and Mary Katherine Cummings, Same Person, Different Lives” appeared in the October 2012 issue.

She received a $250 award and a plaque.


Six-Shooter Award for Best Non-Literary Achievement
Mark Lee Gardner from Colorado was the recipient of this award for his CD of Songs and Ballads titled Outlaws, Songs of Robbers, Rustlers and Rogues. He received a $250 award and a plaque.


Six-Shooter Award for Best Non-Literary Achievement (Corporate)
Booth Western Art Museum of Cartersville, GA was named corporate winner for outstanding contribution to western history.  This museum offers outstanding galleries of art and objects themed toward American western history.  Jim Dunham, Director of Special Projects, accepted the award on behalf of the museum.


The President’s Silver Star Award -
Ron Ligon from Tennessee was this year’s recipient of the prestigious award presented by WWHA President Pam Potter.  This award was given in recognition of Ron’s many acts of service and financial support for WWHA, specifically acknowledging Ron’s efforts to establish the Patron Partners “Gunfighter” level of membership for the Association.  Ron was surprised to see his wife, Marty, son and daughter-in-law, Sandy & Susan Ligon, and special friends, Tom and Charlotte Cone from Tennessee who came to see him receive this honor.


Six-Shooter Award for Lifetime Contributions
We also celebrate the winner of this year’s award contribution to western history.  This special honor was conferred on Roy B. Young of Oklahoma by President Potter at the Saturday evening banquet.  Roy was acknowledged for his service as WWHA Journal editor and his years of research, writings, and speaking about the characters and events of wild west history.


Our special appreciation and congratulations are extended to each of these winners for their accomplishments and deserved recognition.

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