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Wild West History Association Dedicated to the history and lore of the American West

Lonnie Logan


(1872 - February 28, 1900)


Lonnie Logan was probably born in Tama, IA. His father ran off with another woman and his mother moved the family to Dodson, MO to live with their Aunt. Shortly after arriving in Dodson, Lonnie's mother died of cholera.


Their Aunt raised the Logans on the farm in Dodson and the daily duties fell upon the young men.


In 1889 Lonnie left Missouri and headed to Montana to join his brothers. In Montana, Lonnie began to use the name Curry to coincide with his brothers Harvey (Kid Curry) and Johnny. In Landusky, MT Lonnie worked as a cowboy at the Circle Bar ranch, played fiddle at social events and became involved with one of Pike Landusky's step-daughters possibly getting her pregnant.


Lonnie's brother Harvey (Kid Curry) was arrested along with Jim Thornhill for rustling and placed under the supervision of deputy Pike Landusky. Landusky began to verbally abuse the chained Kid Curry. Kid Curry was eventually released of the rustling charges.


On December 27, 1894 after a two day drunken Christmas celebration, Lonnie Curry, Kid Curry and Jim Thornhill entered a local saloon. Standing at the bar was Pike Landusky. Kid Curry approached Landusky, struck him on the jaw and sent him flying. Lonnie and Thornhill drew their guns to insure no one interfered as the two rolled around on the floor. Curry got the better of Landusky banging his head against the floor. Finally, Kid Curry stopped and the bloodied face Landusky raised himself into a chair, reached into his pocket, pulled a gun and fired. The shot missed Kid Curry and he pulled his gun sending Landusky to the great saloon in the sky.


Kid Curry headed to Wyoming, but Lonnie remained and was arrested as an accomplice to murder. The charges were dropped due to self-defense. Lonnie moved to Harlem, MT and became a partner in the Club Saloon.


During this time, Lonnie joined his brother in two robberies. The first was the Belle Fourche, SD bank robbery and the second was the Wilcox, WY train robbery. Lonnie's role was minor setting up the series of relay getaway horses.


His big mistake was spending one of the notes from the Wilcox heist. Pinkerton agents arrived and began snooping around. Lonnie quickly sold his interest in the saloon and headed back to Dodson, MO. The Pinkerton's tracked Lonnie to Dodson either because he spent another Wilcox note in the Dodson area or as one researcher claims via his voter registration card filed in Montana stating Dodson, MO as his home.


The Lexington Times describes the attempted arrest [items in brackets added by me]:


The two carriages drawn by four horses arrived at the corner at 8:40 AM. The one carriage containing Hickman [Edward Hickman, secretary to Chief Hayes], Keshlear [Joseph Keshlear, ex-county sheriff and police detective] and one Pinkerton man stopped on the west side. The carriage containing Mahady [Capt. Mahady of the Pinkertons], McAnany [Thomas McAnany, police detective] and another Pinkerton man drove around to the south and east. As the detectives got out of the carriage, Logan came out of the back door at the north of the house, fully dressed with overcoat and hat. He ran rapidly around to the east of the house and south to the front gate. While he ran the detectives were advancing on him from both sides and all calling on him to stop and surrender. As he reached the gate and passed through he drew and raised a revolver. South of Logan was timber for which he seemed to be making. Every man opened fire immediately. Twelve shots were fired all of them from the posse. Logan was not able to fire a shot. At the first volley he wavered for a moment as if hit, but ran 150 yards across the road and into a cornfield before he fell. When members of the posse came up to him he was breathing his last in the snow and the stuble, a bullet wound through his head and his revolver still clutched in his hand.


Loranzo Dow Logan is buried in the Forest Hills Cemetery in Kansas City, MO.



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